The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; 
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. - John 10:10

We see brokenness in the world around us, but God desires us to live fully alive, filled with purpose and joy. The world’s ways are broken, but God’s ways are never broken. This conference will inspire, encourage and equip you to live a full and abundant life in Christ.





Born and raised as a Christian in Taiwan, Pastor Lenny Cheng serves as the English Ministry Pastor at Harvest Church of New York. In 1999, he had a vision of establishing a branch of the Bread of Life Church and two years later joined Pastor Mudao Xiao in founding Harvest Church of New York. In 2007 he was called to attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity.

Pastor Lenny has a burden and passion for family revival and for the next generation. With his unique bilingual and bi-cultural background, Pastor Lenny often speaks at different conferences on the family and parenting.

Pastor Lenny and his wife Linda have four daughters.



Pastor Albert Wong serves as the Lead Pastor of City Light Community Church. In 1995, he was ordained by the Christian & Missionary Alliance and has a Master of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary along with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute.

Pastor Albert is a testimony of how God can create strength out of brokenness. Coming from a broken family without having the presence of a father figure at home, he pushed forward in life not knowing the fullness of His heavenly Father’s love. Only late in life did he realize how much God has filled in all the gaps, holes and cracks resulting from a dysfunctional immigrant upbringing. Today, he loves being a parent and hopes that he can be a source of hope and inspiration for those who need to see God come through for them.

Pastor Albert and his wife Cindy have 3 grown children and a dog.



7:30pm Friday Message (Rev. Lenny Cheng)


9:00am Registration & Check-In

10:00am Main Session 1 (Rev. Lenny Cheng)

11:30am Morning Workshops:

  • Finding Your Purpose and Path (Mandarin 中文)

  • From Birth On… (English)

1:00pm Lunch (Snacks and refreshments included. Lunch is not provided; there are several affordable restaurants within walking distance.)

2:00pm Main Session 2 (Rev. Albert Wong)

3:30pm Afternoon Workshops:

  • How to Make Your Marriage Unbreakable (Mandarin 中文)

  • Discovering Deep Wells (English)

5:00pm Closing


9:30am Sunday Message (Rev. Albert Wong)


There will be 2 sessions of workshops on Saturday morning and afternoon. Choose one workshop per session to attend.

MORNING SESSION (choose one)

  • Finding Your Purpose and Path
    Pastor Lenny (Mandarin 中文 )
    This workshop is about Identity and Purpose, Making a Difference, dealing with internal heart issues to break free from sin and bondage (brokenness) and to live a truly free and happy life (wholeness) as a witness.

  • From Birth On…
    Pastor Albert (English)
    We are called to be on the “offense” rather than “defense” in living out for the kingdom. The Christian family is not just a fortress-like castle but an outpost with a divine purpose. We will cover the 3 seasonal callings of a parent: forthtelling, protect & serve and releasing.


  • How to Make Your Marriage Unbreakable
    Pastor Lenny (Mandarin 中文 )
    This workshop is about how the world views marriage as a fairy-tale and expectations of having a perfect marriage. What is a perfect “unbroken” marriage? How do we view the third Person in our relationships? What does it look like for our marriage to be “attractive” to a broken world where over 50% marriages end in divorce? How can our marriages point people to Jesus and the gospel?

  • Discovering Deep Wells
    Pastor Albert (English)
    We will look into the disparity between our calling and how we actually live. A comparative study between an "orphan" versus a beloved son/daughter will be looked at. As a result, we will take a practical look into how to always have enough for any stress or challenges that comes with life.


Individual $40 ($50 after Feb 24)

Groups of 5+ $35 ($45 after Feb 24)

  • Snacks and refreshments included. Lunch is not provided; there are several affordable restaurants within walking distance.

  • Childcare is available. Please indicate on your registration form.